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As a product of the 90’s, I live for the kind of coffee shop where people come together to discuss books, art, and music. The perfect coffee shop is the intersection of a cozy home feeling and cool place to gather. What sets one coffee shop apart from another is not only the grinds, but the environment and the music. In 1959, my grandparents opened a tavern called North End Depot, and it remained the family business for 40 years. Before I started college, my grandmother shared these words of wisdom, “learn to drink coffee”. I started drinking coffee every morning while listening to my favorite music. To this day, choosing a vinyl record of my collection of over 2,000 records is how I start my morning. Music and coffee simply make the world a better place. When I combine the two , it’s magical- the best way to start my day.

For years I dreamed of owning a coffeeshop or vinyl record store. One day I realized that I didn’t have to decide.. I could do both and inspire others to feel alive, the way music and coffee light me up in the morning. That was when Pressed Coffee and Vinyl was created.

I believe in creating coffee that is sustainable, good for the consumer and the planet. Therefore, love goes into each cup. We use a Bellwether Roaster that has zero emissions, the coffee beans come direct from farms all over the world to roasting here in Colorado . We as consumers get to know exactly where and what farm we use. While roasting each batch our team is listening to vinyl records and we will share exactly what record was playing.

So friends, put the needle on the record and pour a cup. Because life is simply better with good music and good grinds.

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